Who are the Gibson Girls?

While Charles Dana Gibson made the Gibson Girl the sweetheart of America with his illustrations at the turn of the 20th century, the modern Gibson Girl is the business of choice in the greater Sheboygan area for graciously selling the contents of a home. The business was started in 1975 by owner, Karen Schmeiser. For over 40 years this business has stood the test of time and we have been privileged to liquidate the contents of the finest homes in the area.

When necessary we can fill in a sale with partial sales that come from clients living in apartments or retirement homes where lack of space precludes conducting a sale on the premises. While this keeps our sales full of interesting merchandise, it leads to an equally better variety of merchandise in our advertisements. That keeps customers coming back.

We have earned the reputation for sensitivity to the stress and emotional difficulties tied to moving from a lifelong home due to aging or failing health. All personal items or things found -- pictures, papers and yes, quite often money -- are all returned to the owner. This Estate service has worked hard to achieve a reputation for honesty that is valued highly.

You may E-mail us at contact@thegibsongirls.com

Karen Schmeiser, Owner
322 Bell Avenue
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53083
Business 920-457-6551
Cell Phone 920-946-0089