A Brief Description of How We Operate

    Our service begins with a consultation.

    We have one and two weekend sales, depending on the size of the home and the time of the year.

    Our sales are conducted under a contract agreement.

    Our commission of 45% includes all of the workers, newspaper and internet advertising and cleaning before and after the sale.

    If we take your sale, you take what you want to keep and leave the rest to us. Don't throw anything away, let us make that decision for you.

    All items are individually priced and we use a standard method of discounting as the sale goes on. We can stop the discount on an item at any time by putting a FIRM price on it.

    In order to offer more variety and interest in a sale, many times we will add a partial from another client to fill in the empty spaces in a home.

    Personal items found while going through the home are saved. Pictures, papers, and yes, money, are all removed and kept for the client. We are proud of your reputation for honesty and caring for the families we serve.

    Client checks are sent out on the weekend following the end of the sale. You will receive a listing of items sold for 50.00 and over with your check.

    We are not responsible for the removal of electronics, mattresses and appliances not sold. Any charges for trash removal will be charged back to the client at the end of the sale.

    Our sales are ALWAYS presented clean and well organized. We have a great flair for display. No detail is overlooked. Our goal is client satisfaction in all aspects of our sales.

After 44 years in this business we still love it and 
we will work our hardest to make your experience with us a happy one!!